The Yeomen of the Guard 2007


Sir Richard Cholmondeley (Lieutenant of the Tower)

Colonel Fairfax (under sentence of death)

Sergeant Meryll(of the Yeomen of the Guard)

Leonard Meryll (his son)

Jack Point (a strolling Jester)

Wilfred Shadbolt (Head Jailer and Assistant Tormentor)

The Headsman

The Priest

First Yeoman

Second Yeoman

First Citizen

Second Citizen

Elsie Maynard (a strolling Singer)

Phoebe Meryll (Sergeant Meryll’s daughter)

Dame Carruthers (Housekeeper to the Tower)

Kate (her niece)

Robin Richardson

Patrick Monk

Robert Collingwood

John Bill

Kenneth Ian Hytch

Clive Swetman

Rupert Harvey

Malcolm Brown

John Weeks

Graham Anderton

Andy Weston

Harry Headden

Rachel Weeks

Ros Wright

Janet Grant

Gennie Plunkett

Musical Director – Eric James

Producer – Margaret Collingwood


Sue Butcher, Teresa Cardene, Sally-Anne Clarke, Lindsey Davis, Lesley Dawson, Caroline Frosdick, Marion Jackson, Anna Kirby, Vivienne Plunkett, Carrie Phoenix, Anne Richardson, Jamie-Ann Spiers, Sheil Tuffield

Paul Allen, Jim Barley, Derek Cousins, Luke Davey, Ernest Good, Bob Larner, Larry Pendleton


Photography: Mike Stevens


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Listen to the Publicity Interview broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk on 25 April 2007

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