The Yeomen of the Guard 1998


Sir Richard Cholmondeley (Lieutenant of the Tower)

Colonel Fairfax (under sentence of death)

Sergeant Meryll(of the Yeomen of the Guard)

Leonard Meryll (his son)

Jack Point (a strolling Jester)

Wilfred Shadbolt (Head Jailer and Assistant Tormentor)

First Yeoman

Second Yeoman

First Citizen

Second Citizen

Elsie Maynard (a strolling Singer)

Phoebe Meryll (Sergeant Meryll’s daughter)

Dame Carruthers (Housekeeper to the Tower)

Kate (her niece)

Clive Swetman

Brian Tuffrey

Kenneth Davis

John Bill

Dennis Abley

John Clack

Ron Hillman

Keith Swetman

Mike Wensley

Rob Freeman

Alison McCully

Beverley Baker

Pam Warren

Sue Butcher

Musical Director – Dennis Johnson

Producer – Michael Anderson


Pam Beckley, Niamh Church, Gill Emmanuel, Janet Grant, Barbara Lawson, Liz Marsden, Vera Rose, Margaret Terry, Rita Thompson, Sheil Tuffield, Jean Weeks, Angela Wilson, Bernie Witcomb

Graham Anderton, Jim Barley, Peter Coward, Harry Headden, Bob Larner, Ron Markham, Peter Reeve, Ken Rose, John Weeks, Mike Wensley, Ian Witcomb, Arthur Wood


Photography: Viewfinders


Programme Cover