The Zoo 2004


Aesculapius Carboy (a chemist in love with Laetitia)

Eliza Smith (a virtuous young lady)

Thomas Brown (a disguised Duke of Islington)

Laetitia (loved by Carboy)

Mr. Grinder (Laetitia’s father)

John Bill

Marion Jackson

Clifford Despenser

Sue Butcher

Dennis H. Abley

Musical Director – Ian A.Terry

Producers – Andy And Julie Weston


Janet Barley, Pam Beckley, Emma Galley, Janet Grant, Pat Tegerdine, Margaret Terry, Sheila Tuffield, Jean Weeks, Ros Wright

Graham Anderton, Jim Barley, Ernest Good, Harry Headden, Patrick Monk, Robin Richardson, Clive Swetman, John Weeks, Mike Wensley


Photography: Viewfinders & Peter King

The Sorcerer 2004


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre (an elderly Baronet)

Alexis (of the Grenadier Guards – his son)

Dr. Daly (Vicar of Ploverleigh)


John Wellington Wells (of J.W.Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers)

Lady Sangazure (a Lady of Ancient Lineage)

Aline (her daughter)

Mrs. Partlet (a Pew Opener)

Constance (her daughter)

Clive Swetman

Patrick Monk

Jim Barley

Harry Headden

Alan Weyman

Janet Grant

Beverley Baker

Pam Beckley

Emma Galley

Musical Director – Ian A. Terry

Producers – Andy and Julie Weston


Janet Barley, Sue Butcher, Marion Jackson, Pat Tegerdine, Margaret Terry, Sheila Tuffield, Jean Weeks, Julie Weston

Dennis Abley, Graham Anderton, John Bill, Ernest Good, Robin Richardson, John Weeks, Mike Wensley, Andy Weston


Photography: Peter King